30L Dry Bag Roll Top


Dry and durable. Just what you need in the Pacific Northwest.

Our take on the classic dry bag is served up as a highly functional backpack, great for overnight getaways, camping adventures, or as a day bag for commuters.

This 30 litre dry bag is made of a durable waxed cotton with a roll top buckle clip closure.

Features a round base, medium weight waterproof PVC lining, a velcro-secured front pocket, and a side pocket for water bottle or U-lock. 

The roll-top design allows the volume of the bag to be maximized while keeping the items inside dry and protected. The 30L volume is reached after 2.5 rolls!

Designed with a top handle to pick up with ease and adjustable padded straps. Back panel is reinforced for durability. 

Diameter (at base): 11"
Height rolled: 17"
Height unrolled: 24.5"

*Packs are each made to order and deliver in 2-4 weeks out. 

For additional questions or inquiries, please email oldfashionedstandards@gmail.com