At OFS we are committed to sustainability and the various ways fashion and style can be celebrated while causing the least harm to the earth as possible.

Our methodologies include:

-Working with 100% natural and vegan materials

-Using ethically sourced materials 

-Making things that last a lifetime and are less focused on fleeting trends

-Making with as minimal waste possible 

-Working with materials that have been discarded, be it factory dead stock or up-cycled cloths

The company began by working exclusively with 100% up-cycled Australian Outback Oilcloth, but has since branched out to also work with high-end and ethically sourced materials including selvedge denim, bull denim twill, corduroy, assorted wools, and the highest quality thread. Click through the various material pages or come into our shop to see what colour and cloth options are available for your item.