Old Fashioned Standards is a company that specializes in high quality products and custom craftsmanship.

With a few exceptions, all of my goods are made from oilcloth: a high quality cotton cloth impregnated with a very specific mixture of a paraffin-based wax blended with linseed oil. This historic process of applying the unique mixture transforms the basic cotton cloth into a wind and water repellent, high abrasion-resistant and antique looking cloth that ages beautifully. 

I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality goods that are made for a good time, handmade to last a lifetime. I am a highly trained professional pattern drafter, seamstress, and designer and every piece of paper, and fabric passes thru my hands with a strict eye for perfection. I am constantly improving and expanding my knowledge and products. 

For all inquiries, please email

Cassandra at oldfashionedstandards@gmail.com



Limited products sold at Antisocial Skateboard Shop

2337 Main street!