Custom Accessories

Sometimes "close enough" is not good enough.

When you need a bag or a pack or a pouch for just the right function made just the right way, OFS custom is the way to get it right. We have made dozens of custom purses, backpacks, pouches, tool rolls, fanny packs, and duffel bags for commuters, hikers, doulas, filmmakers, travellers, bikers; the list goes on and on. 

If you have an idea in mind for something you need but don't have yet? Maybe we can help.

Prices for custom accessories are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to chat about your custom piece at


Custom Padded Camera Bag
Custom Panniers
Custom Hard Bottom Ceramics Tool Bag
Custom Padded Laptop Sleeve
Custom Forestry Pack
Custom Square End Duffle Carry on
Custom Round Duffle Carry on
Custom Chest Pack
Custom Colour Blocked 30L 
Bike Basket Tote
Baseball Bag
Custom Doula/Birthing Bag
 Custom 30 Litre Roll Top Bag
Custom Tool Bag
Custom 30 Litre Roll Top Hiker
 Custom Crossover Purse
Custom Currier Bag