The Oilcloth we use is 100% up-cycled dead stock Australian Outback cloth.

With a double weft and double warp weave, the fabric is highly dense and durable by nature. Then, saturated with a paraffin based wax mixture the material becomes entirely water, wind, and weather proof.

Oilcloth is a traditional waterproof material from the 1880's when sailors used linseed oil to make their clothes weather resistant. In the 1920's a collaboration of three companies created a paraffin based cloth and shortly after their astounding creation, admiring companies adopted the oil cloth and began producing garments for games keepers, farmers, motorcyclists, loggers, and hunters. This was the birth of highly functional cloth used for specific work wear. Oilcloth has since been proven to be highly functional and highly fashionable; two traits hard to find accommodating each other in any other cloth.

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