Custom Panniers / Saddle Bags (Bicycle & Motorbike)

Old Fashioned Standards (OFS) is a small local business based on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations which is now known as "Vancouver, Canada." Old Fashioned Standards is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products that are made for a good time, handmade to last a lifetime. Operated by women, the company is owned and run by Cassandra Bailey, a professionally trained pattern drafter, seamstress, and designer. Every piece of paper, and fabric passes through her hands with a critical eye for perfection. She is always evolving, improving and expanding her knowledge, products, and brand. 

Old Fashioned Standards specializes in custom design with a speciality in custom pattern drafting. Custom fit, custom design, custom colours, and custom features all fall under this category and anything is possible when working with OFS. The company began by working exclusively with 100% up-cycled Australian Outback Oilcloth, but has since branched out to also work with high-end and ethically sourced materials including selvedge denim, bull denim twill, corduroy, and assorted wools, all of which can be employed in the creation of a custom bag.

There is nothing like a bike trip to help you know exactly what pockets and packing you need. Whether you are hitting the road for a a long bike adventure or just need to get your things from point A to point B, some weatherproof, customized saddle bags may be the way to go. 

Got a specific bike? Or favourite essential pockets? We can design the perfect dream bags together.

Bicycle pannier prices start at $450.00 CAD and slide upwards depending on complexity of the garment. Motorcycle saddle bags start at $650. A 50% or $450.00 (if online) deposit is required for all custom work and all custom sales are final. Fittings, consultations and material costs are included in the price.

The custom process happens in 4 stages:

1. Deposit online or in person. 

2. Consultation where we take measurements, discuss design choices including material colour, hardware, etc. 

3. In person fitting and finalization of custom details.

4. Pickup of finished garment, payment in complete, and photo documentation.

Fittings and material costs are included in the price. For inquiries please email

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