Old Fashioned Standards is passionate about handcrafting hats of the highest quality products that are stylish, durable, functional, and sustainable.

The company operated by women and owned and run by Cassandra Bailey, a professionally trained pattern drafter, seamstress, and designer. For the creation of a hat, every piece of paper and fabric passes through her hands with a critical eye for perfection. She is always evolving, improving, and expanding her knowledge, products, and brand. 

The company began by working exclusively with 100% up-cycled Australian Outback Oilcloth, but has since branched out to also work with high-end and ethically sourced materials including selvedge denim, bull denim twill, corduroy, and assorted wools to make hats in multiple timeless styles.

OFS Hat Styles:

6 panels: A classic, fitted 6 panel cap, made with a semi firm brim, you can easily pack in a bag for later or wear it all day long. Constructed in a 10 oz bull denim, it's guaranteed to keep you cool and protected from the sun all year round.

5 panels: Made of highly durable waxed cotton, with a dryer finishing then the traditional oilcloth that we also use. This natural fibre wonder is waterproof, breathable, and super durable. Over time and with wear, the fabric will form to the shape of your head and age with a beautiful patina!

Ferrari Safari: A 90's style safari helmet, sewn into a Cotton Twill, 6 panel, short brim bucket hat. Made from 100% Cotton Twill, it's guaranteed to keep you cool and protected from the sun. Dress it up or dress it down, the Ferrari Safari is suitable for all occasions.

Bucket Hats: Made of durable waxed cotton that is wind, water, and abrasion resistant. With time and with wear, the fabric will mold to the shape of your head and the patina in the fabric ages beautifully. Feel free to stuff this in your backpack, crush it in your pocket, or wear in any weather.

Witch Hats: Very rare and unique Witch's Hat, perfect for keeping the rain out of your eyes when you're not casting spells. Made of durable traditional oilcloth or waxed cotton which of course is water, wind and abrasion resistant.

Wavy Daisy: The Wavy Daisy is about flowers and flow, playfulness and style. However, this design borrows from our relaxed 6-panel Ferrari Safari to provide a dish that fits snugly yet casually on your head. Try both wavy designs to see which suits your look better. 

Wavy BucketA floral inspired hat for anything from getting wavy at the beach, to going with the flow and having a tea party, to growing some cute little flowers in your garden. Made in an array of OFS’s curated materials including waxed cotton, corduroy, and twills, the Wavy Daisy is top stitched with the highest quality thread in so many fun colours. This hat is inspired by the things around us and is about expression, playfulness, and style.

Custom Hats: Dreaming of the perfect hat? Maybe something super unique? Or maybe just something classic but fits perfectly? At OFS we have 8 years experience making various styles of hat from baseball caps to witch hats to bucket shapes. We do custom fit, custom colours, custom stitch, custom shape, custom style.


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